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Boknyheter #52

I denne mandagsspalten finner du større eller mindre nyhetssaker som på et eller annet vis har noe å gjøre med bøkenes verden. Alle boknyhetene jeg har skrevet om finner du her.

– På torsdag får vi svaret på hvem som vinner årets Nobelpris i litteratur, og norske Jon Fosse er blant favorittene.

– Kan en barnebok være god dersom få barn liker den?

Bokloven er død, skal vi tro kilder i det politiske miljøet. Leder for norsk forfatterforening, Sigmund Løvåsen mener at fastprissystemet bør beholdes uavhengig av bokloven.

– Forfatteren Tom Clancy døde forrige tirsdag, 66 år gammel.

Rekordmange bibliotek har søkt om utviklingsstøtte.

– Vi har fortsatt bruk for de litterære klassikerne hevdes det i en kronikk i Politiken.

Noen mener det var Branwell og ikke Emily Brontë som skrev Wuthering Heights.

Ti bisarre litterære myter og konspirasjonsteorier.

– Ansatte ved tyske Amazon planlegger førjulsstreik.

– En god roman gjør hjernen smartere, mener forskerne.

– Shutdown-en i USA rammer mange – også Kongressbiblioteket.

– Den britiske krimforfatteren Ann Cleeves mener det er for mye seksualisert vold i nordisk krim.

– Det er knyttet store forventninger til bokfestivalen i Somalia.

– Mariell Øyre, aka hjartesmil og forloveden Jostein Avdem Fretland debuterte nylig med boka & me skal bli omskapte. Her kan du lese litt om hvordan det var å skrive bok sammen.

– Brasil anklages for rasisme etter at kun en av de 70 utvalgte forfatterne til bokmessen er svart.

Ni skjønnlitterære kvinnelige karakterer som straffes for å ha sex.

James Baldwin. Foto: Penguin, via

Er James Baldwin Amerikas fremste essay-forfatter?

– Filmatiseringen av The Fault In Our Stars av John Green har fått en premieredato: 6. juni 2014.

– En ny undersøkelse viser at barn leser mest på nettbrett.

– Rene kvinnepriser er en anakronisme, sier forfatter Victoria Hislop.

– En 8 år gammel jente sørget for at diskriminerende barnebøker ble fjernet fra hylla.

E-bøker forvandrer lesevaner.

– Forfatter Malorie Blackmann skal være vert for tidenes første konvensjon for YA-litteratur.

– En undersøkelse viser at digitale lesere leser 60% mer enn de som leser andre formater..

– Sju mannlige protagonister Huffington Post ikke ville ha vært venn med.

Waterstones kan leve side om side med Amazon, mener James Daunt.

Salg av papirbøker har eksplodert på New Zealand over det siste halvåret.

David Bowies 100 favorittbøker.

– Forfatter Joanna Trollope mener barn trenger klassikere, ikke fantasy.

– Det er barnebokuke i Storbritannia om dagen (frem til fredag), og Booktrust har laget en topp 100-liste over barnebøker.

– Hvor mye kan du egentlig om litteratur? Ta denne quizzen.

Besøk siden 12. mars '10

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En frivillig død (translates to A Voluntary Death) by Steffen Kverneland is a graphic memoir about the suicide of the author's father. Very powerful use of text and illustration. Highly recommended!
Several people have recommended A General Theory of Oblivion (Norwegian title: Allmenn teori om glemsel) by José Eduardo Agualusa. Took the opportunity when it showed up on sale recently. About the book: On the eve of Angolan independence an agoraphobic woman named Ludo bricks herself into her apartment for 30 years, living off vegetables and the pigeons she lures in with diamonds, burning her furniture and books to stay alive and writing her story on the apartment’s walls. Almost as if we’re eavesdropping, the history of Angola unfolds through the stories of those she sees from her window. As the country goes through various political upheavals from colony to socialist republic to civil war to peace and capitalism, the world outside seeps into Ludo’s life through snippets on the radio, voices from next door, glimpses of someone peeing on a balcony, or a man fleeing his pursuers. A General Theory of Oblivion is a perfectly crafted, wild patchwork of a novel, playing on a love of storytelling and fable.
There is something magical about the book store Tronsmo (@tronsmobok). Along with Outland, who specialise in fantasy, sci-fi and comic books (and other geeky goodness), it is by far the absolute best book store in Oslo (and maybe Norway? Any contenders?). I go there when I want to find something new, non-fiction or fiction, that I have never heard of, but that sounds interesting. I NEVER fail to find something. In fact, I always find several books every time I'm there. I stopped by after work yesterday, feeling peckish for something new, and lo and behold! I found four books. As I stood by one of the shelves, a man in his thirties and his son of maybe 8 years old walked in. As they passed me, the father whispered to his son: "This is the best book store in Oslo." And the kid, his small hand in his father's big one, looked up at him with big eyes and said: "is it really?" The father nodded solemnly, and the kid looked around with a new-found admiration for where he was standing. Anyway, the book in the picture is one of the four that I got: Toddler-hunting and other stories, by Taeko Kono. It is a collection of short-stories, and I know practically nothing about it, but I look forward to reading it. And stop by Tronsmo if you find yourself in Oslo!
Been a while since I posted a shelfie! #bookshelfie #shelfie #booknerd #book #bokhylle #litteratur #literature #bookish #bookstagram #instabook #interior #shelfiesunday #shelf #shelfielicious #shelfies #bookporn #bookworm #bokorm #lesehest #bookshelves #bookshelf #bookheaven #library #personallibrary
Not for the first time, I was inspired by the Norwegian Snapchat account, @snaplioteket. This time I discovered Junji Ito's Uzumaki. The blurb: Kurouzu-cho, a small fogbound town on the coast of Japan, is cursed. According to Shuichi Saito, the withdrawn boyfriend of teenager Kirie Goshima, their town is haunted not by a person or being but a pattern: UZUMAKI, the spiral - the hypnotic secret shape of the world. #uzumaki #spirals #junjiito #newbook #bookhaul #manga #literature #litteratur #skrekk #horror #coffee #cofferporn #bookporn #lesetips #nrklesetips #bokorm #bookworm #lesehest #bookstagram #bookish #instabook
I recently picked up Autonomous by Annalee Newitz. Not started reading it yet, but I was intrigued by the blurb: "Autonomous features a rakish female pharmaceutical pirate named Jack who traverses the world in her own submarine. A notorious anti-patent scientist who has styled herself as a Robin Hood heroine fighting to bring cheap drugs to the poor, Jack’s latest drug is leaving a trail of lethal overdoses across what used to be North America—a drug that compels people to become addicted to their work. On Jack’s trail are an unlikely pair: an emotionally shut-down military agent and his partner, Paladin, a young military robot, who fall in love against all expectations. Autonomous alternates between the activities of Jack and her co-conspirators, and Elias and Paladin, as they all race to stop a bizarre drug epidemic that is tearing apart lives, causing trains to crash, and flooding New York City." #autonomous #annaleenewitz #books #bøker #book #sciencefiction #scifi #newbook #litteratur #literature #bookhaul #bookish #bookstagram #instabook #booknerd #bookcoverlove #coverlove #orange #lesetips #nrklesetips #lesehest #bokorm #bookworm #nybok
I recently realised that it's been about 17 years since I read The Lord of the Rings. Maybe this year is the year I will read it again? 🧝‍♀️ #books #book #bøker #litteratur #literature #jrrtolkien #lotr #thelordoftherings #lordoftherings #thefellowshipofthering #bookstagram #instabook #bookish #lesetips #fantasy #lesehest #nrklesetips #bokorm #bookworm
I recently went to Ireland (Dublin to be specific) for a conference. At the airport on my way home I picked up this quirky book. I ended up spending 12 hours travelling that day, due to delays and missing connecting flights (yes, ended up being plural, I missed two of them). For context, a direct flight takes about 2 hours. So that was fun. Didn't get a chance to start The Curious History of Irish Dogs, but I did read another one from start to finish. #thecurioushistoryofirishdogs #davidblakeknox #book #books #bøker #bok #litteratur #literature #bookhaul #newbook #dublin #ireland #irishwolfhound #avocado #tea #breakfast #nonfiction #bookstagram #instabook #bookish #lesehest #lesetips #nrklesetips #bokorm #bookworm
I have looked at and picked up this book in @outlandkirkegata for literal years. But I haven't bought it until now. I have absolutely no idea why. But here it is: A Natural History of Dragons - A Memoir by Lady Trent, by Marie Brennan. Looking forward to reading it. Have you read it? what did you think? #anaturalhistoryofdragons #ladytrent #ladytrentmemoirs #mariebrennan #dragons #dragon #drage #drake #wyrm #fantasy #literature #litteratur #book #books #bøker #boktips #lesetips #nrklesetips #bookish #bookstagram #instabook #bookhaul #bookcoverlove
I finished listening to I'll Be Gone In The Dark, by Michelle McNamara, who tragically died suddenly while working on this book. I picked this book for the prompt "a book published posthumously" in the #Popsugarreadingchallenge, so I'm off to a good start! If you're into true crime, you'll most likely enjoy this book. The crime writer Michelle McNamara became somewhat obsessed with hunting down the Golden State Killer - in fact, she was the one who coined that name. Before this, he was known under various other nicknames: The East Area Rapist, East Bay Rapist, The Original Night Stalker, Visalia Ransacker and The Diamond Knot Killer. He killed at least 13 people, raped more than 50 girls and women from 13 to 40 years old, and committed more than 100 burglaries while he was active between 1974 and 1986. This book is really as much about McNamara as it is about the Golden State Killer, because so much of her life revolved around bringing him to justice. And in 2018, not long after this book was released, Joseph James DeAngelo was arrested based on DNA evidence, using the method McNamara describes as the best method to catch him. It saddens me that she wasn't around to see him caught, but, as her husband and friends say, she did not care about getting any credit. She cared about getting justice for all of his victims. Good book, well worth a read or listen! #illbegoneinthedark #michellemcnamara #truecrime #goldenstatekiller #eastarearapist #eastbayrapist #originalnightstalker #visaliaransacker #diamondknotkiller #litteratur #literature #book #audiobook #audible #lesetips #nrklesetips #lesehest #bokorm #bookworm #crime #krim #nonfiction #sakprosa #bookstagram #instabook #bookish
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