En smakebit på søndag #43: The Case of the Missing Servant

En smakebit på søndag er et konsept jeg har lånt av Mari på Flukten fra virkeligheten. Alt du trenger å gjøre er å slå opp i boka du leser nå og velge ut noen setninger du synes passer – uten at de avslører for mye av handlingen – før du legger dem ut på bloggen din og legger igjen ei lenke i innlegget til Mari. På denne måten kan vi klikke oss fra smakebit til smakebit, og kanskje oppdage nye skatter?

Nå leser jeg The Case of the Missing Servant av Tarquin Hall: The portly Vish Puri is India’s most accomplished detective, at least in his own estimation, and is also the hero of an irresistible new mystery series set in hot, dusty Delhi. Puri’s detective skills are old-fashioned in a Sherlock Holmesian way and a little out of sync with the tempo of the modern city, but Puri is clever and his methods work. The Case of the Missing Servant shows Puri (“Chubby” to his friends) and his wonderfully nicknamed employees (among them, Handbrake, Flush, and Handcream) hired for two investigations. The first is into the background of a man surprisingly willing to wed a woman her father considers unmarriageable, and the second is into the disappearance six months earlier of a servant to a prominent Punjabi lawyer, a young woman known only as Mary.

Snurrebarten på omslaget sier vel nok – dette dreier seg om en indisk utgave av Agatha Christies Hercule Poirot. Jeg har ikke kommet veldig langt enda, men konseptet høres lovende ut! Smakebiten er fra første side:

Still, the fifty-one-year-old detective shuddered to think what his wife would say if she found out he was eating between meals – especially ‘outside’ food that had not been prepared by her own hands (or at least by one of the servants).

16 Responses to “En smakebit på søndag #43: The Case of the Missing Servant”

  1. 1 Nina C. mars 18, 2012, kl. 01:33

    Flott smakebit:) Leser denne her også:) Liker den godt:)

  2. 2 tussi mars 18, 2012, kl. 02:59

    Høres ut som perfekt påskekrim for meg som egentlig ikke liker krim. Minner litt om Damenes detektivbyrå nr 1, eller er jeg helt på bærtur?

  3. 5 Haruhi mars 18, 2012, kl. 11:05

    Tenkte det samme som Tussi over her, krim for oss som ikke liker krim? Har sett nr 2 (?) i serien i en eller anne bokhandel, og vurderte å ta den med meg hjem; mest fordi coveret var så friskt og fint.

    • 6 Julie mars 18, 2012, kl. 21:30

      Jeg tror at dette er krim for de som liker de litt klassiske, retro Agatha Christie-type whodunnit-mysteriene. Med en dæsj indisk krydder og feelgood. 🙂

      • 7 Haruhi mars 18, 2012, kl. 22:04

        Da høres det fremdels ut som noe for meg, heldigvis. Er ikke så glad i krim, men når jeg først leser krim er det som regel godeste Christie jeg leser, og jeg har aldri noe i mot India 🙂

  4. 8 Beathe Solberg mars 18, 2012, kl. 11:34

    Fin smakebit:-))) Skal notere meg boken. Likte coveret godt:-)) Ha en strålende Søndag:-))

  5. 9 astridterese mars 18, 2012, kl. 15:42

    Det hørtes ut som en sammenblanding som både kan være morsom og spennende! Jeg noterer meg tittelen 🙂

  6. 10 siljeblomst mars 18, 2012, kl. 19:30

    Høres morsomt ut, tror det vil funke for oss som liker krim også 🙂

    God søndag 🙂

  7. 12 Isabella mars 18, 2012, kl. 20:40

    Takk for smakebiten:)Ble nyskjerrig på boken, så den er notert ned:) Ha en fin søndagskveld:)

  8. 13 Julie mars 18, 2012, kl. 21:28

    God søndag til alle dere også. 🙂

  9. 14 Silje mars 19, 2012, kl. 08:45

    Indisk krim kan jeg ikke si å ha lest før, så den bør noteres. Fikk litt påskefølelse nå da jeg tenkte på Poirot, og spesielt i kombinasjon med eksotiske reisemål:-)

  10. 15 Mari - Escape In A Book mars 20, 2012, kl. 20:14

    Jeg liker smakebiten veldig godt men om det er veldig likt Damenes d.så er det nok litt for tregt for min smak. Når det er sagt kan det jo være jeg tar skammelig feil.

  11. 16 xkake mars 21, 2012, kl. 10:00

    Et herlig omslag, og jeg likte smakebiten! : ) Indisk Hercule, veldig spennende!

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During #spaceoperaseptember2019 one of the challenges was to read a book published before I was born. So I picked this one, The Ship Who Sang by Anne McCaffrey, first published in the 60s. And while I didn't get overly immersed in the actual storylines, I've found myself thinking about the core ideas she starts out with a lot. Basically parents of children with disabilities get a choice: you either euthanise the child (!), or you hand them over to the state so that they can turn your child into a shell person, that is, to install their brain in a ship (!). Provided they are smart enough. And when the child has grown up, they have to keep working for the state until the cost of training has been paid off (!). To me, that seems like an idea worth going into and exploring, there's so much potential when writing a society like that. But the author mostly just... doesn't. And that was disappointing. Barely remember the story, definitely remember the core premise presented in the beginning. #theshipwhosang #annemccaffrey #ebook #ereader #kindle #book #books #literature #litteratur #bokorm #bookworm #lesehest #bookstagram #bookish #instabook #ilovebooks #spaceopera #scifi #sciencefiction #bookstagrammers #bookporn
This is another book I read for #spaceoperaseptember2019: 'The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet' by Becky Chambers. I tried starting several other books as we were getting closer to the end, but none of them stuck. So I went with this one, I just knew I could trust Becky Chambers after having read 'To Be Taught, if Fortunate' earlier. And this book did not disappoint, I love Chambers' universe. The characters. The atmosphere. Everything. 🥰 I ordered the next two books in the Wayfarer series before I had even finished this one. Highly recommended! #thelongwaytoasmallangryplanet #beckychambers #wayfarerseries #wayfarer #ssf180 #spaceopera #scifi #sciencefiction #bookstagrammers #bookporn #teaporn #book #books #literature #litteratur #bokorm #bookish #instabook #bookstagram #booknerd #bookcoverlove #coverlove #bookworm #boktips #lesetips
I read 'Do You Dream of Terra-Two?' by Temi Oh last month, for #spaceoperaseptember2019. Unfortunately not quite my cup of tea, I struggled to get immersed because I didn't believe the way the space program was run at all. However, this is certainly a book I've wanted to read, because I discovered that I had bought both the paperback and the hardcover edition without noticing... this is why you check your collection on goodreads before you buy new books, people... 🤔 #doyoudreamofterratwo #temioh #books #bøker #litteratur #literature #bookish #bookstagram #instabook #booknerd #bookcoverlove #coverlove #sciencefiction #scifi #newbook #ssf180 #bookporn #coffeeporn #bookworm #lesehest #spaceopera #bookstagrammers
I am participating in SFF180's Space Opera September, and I chose Becky Chambers' To Be Taught if Fortunate as my first book. The quest I am on is to read at least 4 books. The challenges are: 1: read a space opera novella (which is what I'm reading now) 2A: read two space operas by women 2B: read a space opera by a diverse author and/or with a diverse main character 3: read a space opera from before you were born 4: read a space opera with 500 pages or more. There are unlocks for each challenge, and the path you follow is decided by whether you pick 2A or 2B. Look up SFF180's YouTube channel for more information, and search for "SSF180 presenters Space Opera September 2019" on goodreads to find the group. Among other things, you will find a huge list of women and non-binary space opera authors there. #spaceoperaseptember2019 #sff180 #readathon #readingchallenge #soseptember2019 #sos2019 #tobetaughtiffortunate #beckychambers #scifi #sciencefiction #spaceopera #litteratur #literature #bookish #bookstagram #instabook #booknerd #bookcoverlove #coverlove #currentlyreading
(I'll do this one in Norwegian). Leste nylig Linnéa Myhres nyeste bok, Meg meg meg. Likte den! Synes @linniiie får til den skildringen av... Hva skal jeg si... unnvikende retningsløshet og angst veldig bra. Protagonisten er med den eldre kjæresten sin til LA mens han jobber, uten å egentlig ha noe spesielt å ta seg til. Så hun klamrer seg fast til det samme ankeret hun klamret seg fast i da hun var yngre, nemlig Britney Spears. Anbefales videre! #megmegmeg #linnéamyhre #linneamyhre #book #bøker #litteratur #literature #bookish #bookstagram #instabook #booknerd #ebok #ebook #bookporn #bookshelf #kindle #ereader #bookstagrammers #reading #bookreview #britneyspears
The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker is one of those books that has kept popping up everywhere for years. Last time that happened was when I watched the movie Unsane. And now I've finally read it (it's been in my library for years). I thought it was quite interesting, there are a lot of harrowing statistics and anecdotes. I'm still not sure if I'm able to separate genuine fear, which according to de Becker is a good thing, from general worry and anxiety, which is not very helpful. But still! I'd recommend this one, as have many, many people before me. #thegiftoffear #gavindebecker #ebook #book #books #classic #nonfiction #sakprosa #litteratur #literature #bookish #bookstagram #instabook #booknerd #lesetips #bokorm #bookworm #lesehest #welovebooks
I recently read "Bad Blood" by John Carreyrou. The story of Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes is so weird - and it's shocking that something like this could and did happen. If you're not familiar with this case, I'd recommend the HBO documentary "The inventor", as well as this book. Holmes will be on trial in 2020. #badblood #theranos #elizabethholmes #johncarreyrou #books #bøker #litteratur #literature #bookish #bookstagram #instabook #booknerd #ebook #bookporn #bookshelf #newbook #bookhaul #documentsary #nonfiction #sakprosa
Very happy to have gotten my hands on 'Plantelykke' by Anders Røyneberg, aka @arcticgardener. 🌱 It's a beautiful book, full of helpful advice for beginners and experienced plant lovers alike. It was a gift from @kavehrashidi and @ainahaugr, and it's signed (with an awkward inside joke). Thank you! ❤ The plants featured in this picture, not including the ones on the actual cover: Begonia Maculata, Fittonia Verschaffeltii, String of Hearts, String of Pearls, Peperomia Prostrata, Begonia Rex, Alocasia Polly, Kalanchoe Thyrsiflora, Monstera Adansonii #plantelykke #andersrøyneberg #arcticgardener #sakprosa #nonfiction #coffeetable #instabook #booknerd #bookcoverlove #coverlove #boktips #lesetips #nrklesetips #lesehest #bokorm #bookworm #bookish #bookstagram #bookporn #plantporn
[Leseeksemplar fra forlaget // ARC from the publisher] When I finished reading the first half of of the story about Vei earlier this year, I was sad to discover that the last half wasn't out yet. So imagine my excitement when the publisher sent it to me without me knowing not too long ago. I'm not sure if this story exists in English yet, but it should. Vei by the Swedish authors Sara B. Elfgren and Karl Johnsson consists of 11 chapters split into two books. The story follows the young woman Vei in a world based on norse mythology, where her destiny is not for her to decide. I must say I liked the first half better than the second one, but I happily recommend it! Beautiful artwork, I remember a couple of pages with a lot of red and tangled hair in particular. 🥰 #vei #sarabelfgren #karljohnsson #graphicnovel #comicbook #newbook #bookhaul #litteratur #literature #bookish #bookstagram #instabook #booknerd #bookcoverlove #coverlove #boktips #lesetips #nrklesetips #lesehest #bokorm #bookworm #teaporn #bookporn #egmont
Emily Eternal by M.G. Wheaton has been showing up in recommendations all over the place recently, and when I found it on the recommended shelf at @outlandkirkegata, I went for it. About the book: Emily is an artificial consciousness, designed in a lab to help humans process trauma, which is particularly helpful when the sun begins to die 5 billion years before scientists agreed it was supposed to. So, her beloved human race is screwed, and so is Emily. That is, until she finds a potential answer buried deep in the human genome. But before her solution can be tested, her lab is brutally attacked, and Emily is forced to go on the run with two human companions - college student Jason and small-town Sheriff, Mayra. As the sun's death draws near, Emily and her friends must race against time to save humanity. But before long it becomes clear that it's not only the species at stake, but also that which makes us most human. #emilyeternal #mgwheaton #book #books #newbook #bookhaul #litteratur #literature #bookish #bookstagram #instabook #booknerd #bookcoverlove #coverlove #boktips #lesetips #nrklesetips #lesehest #bokorm #bookworm #scifi #sciencefiction #bookstagrammers #bookporn #coffeeporn #plantporn
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